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Department of Health Abu Dhabi: Medicine home delivery service will soon be available in the Emirate

16 Mar, 2020: The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has announced a new standard for home delivery of patients' medication as per certain mechanisms and procedures. The service will only be provided by licensed pharmacies which adhere to the requirements of DoH's new standard.

The new standard defines that all pharmacies are obliged to provide pharmaceutical services in a safe and secure environment. This includes following drug storage guidelines and ensuring that the medicines delivered to patients are packaged and sealed properly, in addition to maintaining the confidentiality of patients' information.

To benefit from this service, DoH underscored that it will be mandatory for patients to provide the pharmacy with an original medical prescription, whether digital or a hard copy, as well as verification documents of the patient or the recipient of the medicine.

DoH explained that issuing this new standard is in line with its efforts to embrace the digitally-driven and fast-evolving world in which we live.

DoH stressed that home-delivery services are becoming increasingly more commonplace and DoH has adopted this concept in the field of pharmaceuticals to continue ensuring the delivery of comprehensive and timely healthcare services to citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi.

DoH added that it will set clear guidelines and requirements to ensure the efficiency of all pharmaceutical measures when it comes to delivering medicines. This will be achieved through monitoring and auditing pharmacies to ensure that health and safety procedures are being implemented. DoH will also regularly review the performance of the new standard, remaining committed to enhancing its outcomes and ensuring its efficiency and benefits to all patients.

DoH invites pharmacies who wish to provide the home delivery service to seek licensing by contacting their Health Facilities Licensing Department via e-mail: hfld@doh.gov.ae.


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